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Jaguars salary cap space 2013: Plenty to spend

The Jacksonville Jaguars have plenty of cap room heading into the 2013 offseason.

Frederick Breedon

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot to rebuilding to do and luckily for new general manager David Caldwell, the Jaguars should have plenty of money to spend in the 2013 offseason. According to John Clayton of, the Jaguars will be carrying over $19.5 million in cap room and will have a total of $22.1 million in total cap room.

The Jaguars have plenty of needs to fill on their roster, including the right tackle position, which should have some players available on the free agent market. The Jaguars will also need to shore up some issues on their defense, including finding a pass rusher.

There should be plenty of money to play with for new general manager David Caldwell, which is part of what could have lured him to the Jaguars. Plenty of cap room and an owner who seems willing to spend. The Jaguars can also clear up some cap room if they decide not to keep players like Jason Babin and Aaron Ross.