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Join our Grand Theft Auto online crew

Do you have Grand Theft Auto 5 and plan to play it online? Don't worry, we have a crew to join.

Are you like millions of others who are wasting hours on end on Grand Theft Auto 5? Don't worry, you're about to waste more hours with the online mode which becomes enabled on Tuesday.

One thing that online mode has is custom crews, meaning you can form your own crew to pull heists, etc. Well, don't worry Jacksonville Jaguars fans. We've got a crew ready for you.

The Bold City Brigade Crew.

Los Santos 'Til We Die.

If you want to join, be it on Xbox, Playstation 3, or PC you can follow this link and join up.

This will enable us to play with people we know and pull heists together. You know... in the sake of keeping #JaguarsTwitter undefeated.

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