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Dave Caldwell rebuilding the culture of the Jaguars as well as the team

Caldwell's rebuild of the Jaguars has included a reconstruction of the team's culture with literal changes to the facilities at EverBank Field.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jacksonville Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell is five regular season games into his tenure with the team and has yet to see the Jaguars earn a win. No one expects him to see the Jaguars win on Sunday either, or possibly any time soon after that, as the Jaguars look like the favorite to earn the top pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

Yet there isn't any panic for Caldwell, as he works to rebuild a franchise that is almost certainly going to finish a sixth consecutive season outside of the postseason. As he rebuilds the franchise though, Caldwell told ESPN's Mike Reiss that his goal of rebuilding the culture in the building is just as important. And that rebuild has started both figuratively and literally, as the organization has re-structured the facilities at EverBank Field.

"When I came on an interview here, one of the things I noticed was that this building was made for dysfunction. I called it the 'great divide.' You have a hallway that separated the coaching staff with the rest of the building and personnel. It didn't feel like an organization because you had to cross that rubber hallway to get to the coaches, you had metal doors, and everything was so closed in," he said. "Just from a symbolic basis, I felt like it was two sides."

Reiss detailed the changes that have been made since then:

Concrete walls have been demolished. Metal doors which created a dungeon-like feel are now glass and more welcoming. The draft room has been opened up, and offices -- including his own -- have been moved.

The changes have provided an easier line of communication between Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley, a pair that are looking to be the duo leading the Jaguars for the foreseeable future.


In the full article, Caldwell talks about his comparable experiences in Atlanta, the type of players he's looking to target and his commitment to building a winning team through the draft.

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