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Early games open thread

Who should Jaguars fans be rooting for in the slate of morning games?

Michael Steele

The Jacksonville Jaguars aren't kicking off against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field until 4 p.m. ET, so until then fans will have to entertain themselves with the eight games beginning at 1 p.m.

Realistically, there's no reason for Jaguars fans to root for teams to lose for playoff reasons, as the likelihood that the team turns their season around with a postseason push are obviously slim; however, there are still reasons for Jaguars fans to cross their fingers for certain results.

Particularly, it would beneficial for the Jaguars if both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers earned victories against the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles, respectively. The Steelers and Buccaneers have yet to earn a victory in 2013 and each threaten to select ahead of the Jaguars in the 2013 NFL Draft if they continue their losing ways.

The tiebreaker for the draft order, strength of schedule, can also be positively affected for the Jaguars if the Bengals can beat the Bills, the Lions can beat the Browns and the Rams can beat the Texans.

So for the whole rundown, go Steelers, Buccaneers, Bengals, Lions and Rams in the early games.

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