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Jason Babin trade rumors: Jaguars DE drawing team's interests, maybe

The Jaguars are going to get calls about veteran defensive end Jason Babin, maybe. Maybe not.

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade deadline is October 29, which means a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars could send off a couple of more players if the price is right. The latest player whose name has been floated is veteran defensive end Jason Babin, albeit I say float very liberally.

The Jaguars claimed Babin late last season, which meant they also received his contract currently paying him $4.2 million, but he can declare himself a free agent after the season if he so desires.

Babin was expected to have an impact playing the LEO position on the Jaguars new defense, which is similar to the wide-9 alignment he's been successful in in the past, but he has just two sacks on the season and overall hasn't been very effective.

If teams began calling about him, I can't imagine the Jaguars would be much more than a late round pick.

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