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Cheer how you want, but bag-heads need to go

Jaguars fans should be able to cheer however they'd like, but if you're so embarrassed you feel the need to put a bag on your head, stay home.

Sam Greenwood

Typically, I don't care how fans decide to cheer at a game. Stand up if you want, sit down if you want. Cheer and clap, sit there with a blank stare on your face. People cheer different ways.

One thing that does get under my skin however are these marks that wear bags on their heads.


You're embarrassed to be a Jaguars fan? Alright. Then why are you at the game? Why are you doing something to draw attention to yourself if you're so embarrassed?

I guess I'll never understand the "look at me" thirst for attention, because really that's what it is.

Edit for clarity:

Since some people aren't getting the point: If you're embarrassed to the effect of putting a paper bag over your face, why are you bothering to show up to the game? Doesn't that defeat the purpose? Unless the purpose is you just want attention.

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