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Jaguars defense finally breaks in Chargers loss

In the Jaguars first six losses, the defense kept them in the game to an extent, but on Sunday it failed them.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars defense has been one of the few bright spots so far in a winless season, but on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, it finally broke.

In the previous six games the Jaguars defense did a lot of bending but overall held up well, all things considered. Against the Chargers however they were dominated on the field, not forcing a punt until the fourth quarter. The Chargers first five drives of the game were all at least 10 plays and virtually 80 yards.

The only drive of those that didn't end in a score was ended by halftime.

The biggest hole in the Jaguars defense was against the run, as perennial underachiever Ryan Mathews averaged over 5-yards a carry on Sunday, extending drives and wearing out the Jaguars defense.

Not only that, but the Jaguars couldn't get any pressure on Philip Rivers, sacking him just once, but also allowing him to complete his first 14 passes in a row. Rivers ended the day with just four incompletions.

In the previous losses the Jaguars offense failed the defense, keeping them on the field all game long, but on Sunday it was the Jaguars defense not getting themselves off the field.

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