Jaguars Wind Sprints: The "Short and Sweet" Edition

Remember when we existed under the "24 Hour" umbrella? Having received new correspondence from my Buddhist publication this weekend, and not having opened it until this morning, the ideas of impermanence and suffering are dancing in my head. In the spirit of moving forward and not dwelling in the present, which is now past, I will quickly run the field. Pull the band-aid off fast, right?

10 Yards

Some of you might want to change the "rule" from 24 hours to 24 weeks.

20 Yards

So how differently are we viewing Chad Henne if Cecil Shorts makes the catch for a touchdown or Justin Blackmon gets two feet in?

30 Yards

I think I saw Henne step up in the pocket once. It was late in the 4th quarter and he completed a beautiful pass. Of the six sacks it is quite possible his inability to sense pocket pressure led to all of them.

40 Yards

The "Why not Tebow?" guys who walk the stadium have moved from being annoying to gaining my sympathy. If that is what gives your life value the hole must be wide and empty.

50 Yards

In what universe is it appropriate to run Henne multiple times? Isn't that what Denard Robinson is for?

60 Yards

This was the weekend that the linebackers were exploited.

70 Yards

Maybe it was a ticky-tack call on Sen'Derrick Marks but a weekly personal foul against the Jaguars seems a very consistent happening.

80 Yards

Watching Andrew Luck vs. Peyton Manning was nothing short of the Football Gods mocking the entire Jaguars fan base.

90 Yards

MJD not being available for reporters after the game says it all.

100 Yards

Of my many years as a season ticket holder, and I have been exposed to many an obnoxious fan, the witty fan behind me that needs to scream "Cheaters" every time the opponent commits a penalty wins the blue ribbon.

And a special post-run Gatorade bench conversation for you courtesy of Peter King's MMQB.

Depressing Jacksonville note of the week

Jacksonville has played three home games this year and not scored a touchdown.

The Jags have scored 2, 3 and 6 points in their three home games: a safety, a field goal and two field goals … and lost by 26, 34 and 18.

The Jags do not play in Jacksonville again until Nov. 17, against Arizona. In the next three weeks, they’re in London (against San Francisco, in a surrendered "home" game), on the bye, and at Tennessee.

When is the last time an NFL team hadn’t scored a touchdown in its home stadium by the middle of November? In 1977, when Tampa Bay failed to score a TD at home until Dec. 18, in the final game of the season.

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