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Which 49ers player do Jaguars fans want?

If the Jacksonville Jaguars could steal one player from the San Francisco 49ers, who would you pick?

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Ronald Martinez

The Jacksonville Jaguars have holes all over their roster, with the two biggest glaring holes being at the quarterback position and pass rusher. Looking at the San Francisco 49ers roster, it should make it obvious who to steal from it.

Which is why I'm not going to pick Colin Kaepernick. That would be too simple.

Instead, I'm going to choose a big ugly, left guard Mike Iupati.

Another glaring hole on the Jaguars roster has been the play of the interior offensive line, namely at the center and left guard position. WIll Rackley is one of the worst starting interior lineman in the NFL (currently rated as the worst starting guard in the NFL by Pro Football Focus) and has been the culprit for many blown plays and sacks.

Iupati is one of the best interior offensive lineman in the NFL and shoring up some of the interior line could go a long ways in helping the Jaguars offense not just move the football, but to put the ball in the endzone.

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