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Shad Khan regrets not making changes to Jaguars earlier

Jaguars owner Shad Khan took over just over a year ago and hesitated to make drastic changes immediately, but in hindsight appears to regret that hesitation.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars made whole sale changes during the offseason, following the 2-14 season under general manager Gene Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey. SItting at 0-7 on the season and seeing the work that lies ahead for the Jaguars, owner Shad Khan seems to wish he'd have made wholesale changes sooner than he did.

"Obviously, if you're a Jaguars fan, we want to do better," Khan told reporters at a press conference at Cravens Cottage, home of his Fulham football club. "But we know the process we started, which is pretty much starting from the ground up, cleaning house and doing something ... we probably should have started earlier."

Khan was saddled with a new three-year contract extension for former general manager Gene Smith, a "golden parachute" if you will for his contributions to the franchise since it's inception. Khan agreed to allow the deal happen to get the purchase of the franchise done, but could have easily ate the cost of it and fired Smith.

He didn't want to make quick, drastic changes however, despite the fact that he needed to hire a new head coach, which he left to Smith to do.

Fast forward and Khan fired both Mularkey and Smith, noting that he wasn't throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but that there was actually no baby and the team needed to be completely rebuilt from the ground up.

He's confident he's hired the right people now, though.

"I thought Dave and Gus were absolutely the two right guys for the job and as the season has unfolded, if I could be convinced more, I am," Khan told reporters (via Ryan O'Halloran).

Some fans have expressed concern that Gus Bradley could be one and done as a coach if the team goes 0-16, but Khan also said he's confident he's hired the right people, so more changes in that regard don't seem to be on the horizon, nor should they be.

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