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Chad Henne Jaguars starter, Blaine Gabbert a healthy backup

The Jaguars will be Starting Chad Henne on Sunday in London, and most likely will be starting in the near future.

SB Media

The Jacksonville Jaguars saw quarterback Blaine Gabbert return to practice in London on Wednesday in full, the first time since injuring his hamstring against the St. Louis Rams. Gabbert wasn't with the first team however, as Chad Henne will remain the Jaguars starting quarterback against the San Francisco 49ers and more than likely going forward, barring injury.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley wouldn't officially commit to beyond the bye week, but outside of injury it would seem Henne is going to be the Jaguars starting quarterback going forward, and he should be.

While Henne hasn't been a world beater by any means, he's clearly been better the past two weeks as the quarterback than the Jaguars have seen all season. Henne is still going to take sacks, throw some interceptions, but it appears like he's going to be the guy going forward.

Thus ends the reign of tyranny.

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