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Maurice Jones-Drew trade rumors: Jaguars open to dealing, per report

The Jaguars are "open to moving" MJD before the trade deadline on Tuesday, but is anyone willing to offer anything worthwhile?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars are open to trading Maurice Jones-Drewaccording to a report by Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports.

It's widely knows the Jaguars are very open to moving Maurice Jones-Drew, according to league sources, but his high salary and paltry production has resulted in scant interest for an aging back, even one with his pedigree.

While there has been some thought that Jones-Drew could be trade target for some teams as we approach the Oct. 29 deadline, it doesn't appear that the Jaguars are willing to dump him off for just late round picks.

It's hard to guess what the Jaguars would get for Jones-Drew, or even who would be interested in giving something up for him, mostly because he just hasn't been all that effective rushing the football so far in 2013. While some of it is because of the offensive line and passing game, Jones-Drew clearly looks a step slower than he has in the past.

I polled some of the other SB Nation team sites to see what outsiders thought Jones-Drew was worth in a trade and the most common answer was a sixth- or seventh-round pick, of which I don't think the Jaguars would be willing to make a deal. It's possible a contending team, such as the New England Patriots, could give up a conditional fourth-round pick, but again it seems unlikely.

Jones-Drew is in the final year of his contract and has carried the ball nearly 300+ times a season the past few seasons he's been healthy. He's hitting right around that point of no return with running backs, so the value there is questionable at this point.

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