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Jaguars roster moves: Will anything be done during the bye week?

As the Jaguars head into the bye week sitting at 0-8, will there be any changes made to the roster or depth chart?

Charlie Crowhurst

The Jacksonville Jaguars head into the bye week winless, sitting at 0-8 on the season. Many knew the 2013 season would be tough, as new general manager Dave Caldwell has set out to rebuild the worst roster in the NFL. So far on the season he's churned out over half the roster, removing a lot of the "Gene Smith guys" from the team, but it's still not a talented team.

Some people will hold that against Caldwell, that the team is "worse", but as many of us know you have to tear something down to it's base before you can build a new house.

Regardless, it's possible the Jaguars could make some roster moves as they go into the process of self-evaluation during the bye week, as all NFL teams do.

Will the Jaguars trade anyone?

Will they make a "statement" cut?

Both are hard to say, but it's easy to see the team doing either or both. I do think it's very possible the Jaguars release a few veterans, maybe even a name like Jason Babin. This is all just personal opinion, by the way, there's no juice to it.

Babin was supposed to be a patch for the LEO position, letting him line up out-wide and get into the backfield, but he's been woefully ineffective at that through the first eight games of the season. He's tied for the team in sacks, with Tyson Alualu and Sen'Derrick Marks with just two, but he's also made nearly half of the entire defenses penalties this year, being flagged 8 times.

Babin isn't going to be in the long-term plans and he's been largely ineffective, so what's the point in keeping him on?

Typically in this argument, I would say "Well, who do you replace him with?" which is a completely valid thought-invoking question, but it might be at the point where it doesn't matter. Promote Ryan Davis from the practice squad and let him get eight games of reps before the offseason, see if there is anything there. Scour some other team's practice squads for possible pass rushers.

There are some teams who will have to be cutting players because of others coming back from PUP, etc. I know we hit the Seattle Seahawks well so often, but when wide receiver Percy Harvin is activated they'll need to cut someone, so maybe they'll finally let go of say... Benson Mayowa.

The San Francisco 49ers have a slew of players coming back from injury and they could have to move around four-to-six players off their roster, be it by releasing them or via trade. Like Seattle, they're full of talent.

Regardless, there are still eight more games left on the Jaguars roster and it's doubtful they'll be favored in any of them.

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