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Jaguars to start Chad Henne vs. Titans

The Jaguars have again elected to stick with Chad Henne at quarterback instead of a healthy Blaine Gabbert.

Bob Martin-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars are sticking with Chad Henne as the team's starting quarterback through the bye week, head coach Gus Bradley told the media on Tuesday, meaning the six-year veteran will start against the Tennessee Titans when the Jaguars return to action in Week 10.

Henne, 28, originally took over the starting job for the Jaguars following an injury to Blaine Gabbert, but remains as the team's starter despite both players now being healthy enough to play. In a 42-10 loss in Week 8, Henne struggled to get the offense going, although he finished the game with 228 yards passing, one touchdown and no interceptions.

If there was any remaining doubt, the decision by the Jaguars to continue to avoid returning Gabbert to the starting lineup says all you need to know about their thoughts of him as a quarterback. Not only do they not think he's the best passer on the team, they don't think he has any chance of being a future piece either.

In five starts and seven game appearances for the Jaguars in 2013, Henne has tallied 1,450 yards passing, three touchdowns and five interceptions.

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