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Mark Brunell apologizes for London comments

Mark Brunell joined XL Primetime in Jacksonville to discuss his Tuesday comments that riled up Jaguars fans.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell apologized on Wednesday after comments made one day earlier riled up fans of the team when he told Mike & Mike of ESPN Radio that he "wouldn't be surprised" to see the Jaguars move to London as "all indications" are that the team is headed that direction.

Brunell joined Joe Cowart and Ryan "The Hacker" Green on 1010XL in Jacksonville on Wednesday morning to discuss his comments:

"I caused quite a stir and upset a lot of Jaguars fans. Let me tell you guys, I regret those comments, it was a poor choice of words. I had an opportunity up there to speak to all that Shad Khan has done in this community, his investments, his plans and all the great things that are going on with the Jacksonville Jaguars and I didn't do it. That certainly will not happen again."

"I'm the last guy, obviously all of us want the Jaguars to stay in Jacksonville, I do not want this team to leave. I love this team, I love this franchise, I love the direction it's headed in, I love this community. I think I got caught up a little bit."

"My quote was 'All indications are that the team is headed in that direction' toward London. Really those comments were based on what's being said and what the perspective is outside this community. Inside this community, we all know what's going on with stadium renovations and all that."

"So it was a poor choice of words, I regret it, I'd love to have it back, I upset a lot of people and that was certainly not my intention. I feel terrible about it and I wish I could do it all over again. It's unfortunate."

"I can certainly sympathize with the fans. We have a great fan base and this team is very important to this community. I had an opportunity, I will get more opportunities, of which I'm looking forward to, to defend Jacksonville. I really do believe that I represent this city and I did not do a good job of that yesterday on Mike & Mike. Going forward, there will be more opportunities and I will correct the mistakes I made."

Brunell recently joined ESPN as an NFL analyst and is expected to make regular appearances on "SportsCenter" and "NFL Live." The Jaguars announced earlier in the month that Brunell will be added to the team's Pride of the Jaguars ring at EverBank Field during halftime of the team's Week 15 game against the Buffalo Bills on Dec. 15.

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