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Some Jaguars players got beat up in London, per report

Some Jaguars players apparently got into a fight, and lost, while in London according to Deadspin.


Some Jacksonville Jaguars players, though none have been named, were apparently involved in an altercation of some sort while in London, according to a report by Tim Burke of Deadspin.

We don't have any names, but we do have two stories from two different sources, probably about the same group of players. In either case, the story ends with the players losing a fight and going to the hospital. The fight involves either women and hotel security, or nine men with brass knuckles, depending on whom you ask.

There is nothing seemingly concrete about the stories in the report and both describe different fights at different locations, but both seemed to leave multiple Jaguars players with getting treated at the hospital. One of the stories even indicated brass knuckles were involved on a pseudo-gang fight.

Both of these stories were said to have occurred after the Jaguars loss to the San Francisco 49ers however, so at least it wasn't the night before the game I guess?

Guess that means the Jaguars are actually 0-10 entering the bye week.

Florida Times-Union writer Hays Carlyon tweeted he didn't notice any player who appeared as if they'd been in a fight on Monday.

The Jaguars have also denied any knowledge of an incident happening.

The Jaguars did workout both a running back and a linebacker on Tuesday, so if it indeed happened it's possible it was a player in that position group. Again, if it happened.

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