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Best Jaguars teammates of the first half

What group of teammates have been the best for the Jaguars so far in 2013?

Mike Ehrmann

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 0-8 after starting the season about as poorly as possible. It wasn't entirely unexpected as most expected the rebuilding process of the team to be a slow one; however, you would've been hard-pressed to find someone who thought they'd lose each of the first eight games by double digits.

Regardless, it hasn't been a bad season for all 53 players on roster. In fact, some of the young players on the team have shown some promise to build around. Now Call of Duty wants to know who the best teammates are on the team:

While I'm tempted to select the receiving corps that features Justin Blackmon, Cecil Shorts III, Mike Brown and Ace Sanders, as they are probably the team's most promising positional group, they simply haven't played enough games together.

Instead I'm going to pick the young secondary.

Yes, the Jaguars defense has allowed more points than any other in the league and yes, the pair of starting rookie safeties have earned terrible grades from Pro Football Focus. Still, there's something to be said for a secondary as young as the Jaguars' to have avoided the big play like they have.

While teams have been able to move up the field on the Jaguars, a defense featuring two rookies as the last line of defense has only given up two pass plays of 40 yards or more, the second-fewest in the NFL.

Ultimately, the young pair of Johnathan Cyprien and Josh Evans have shown plenty of promise for the future, while cornerbacks Alan Ball, Will Blackmon and Dwayne Gratz have all been solid in the rebuilt Jacksonville secondary.

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