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Justin Blackmon's return gives Jaguars passing game some relief

The return of Justin Blackmon to the Jaguars lineup on Sunday added quite a bit to the offense.

Scott Kane-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars saw the return of wide receiver Justin Blackmon to the lineup on Sunday against the St. Louis Rams and it paid dividends early. Blackmon added some relief to the passing game, freeing up some of the other receivers who have been the focus of defense the past four weeks.

Blackmon ended the day with five receptions for 137 yards and a touchdown on nine targets.

The big thing Blackmon added was the threat of picking up yards after the catch, as the quick passing game worked because of his physical ability. It opened up opportunities for Shorts and even tight end Clay Harbor. It also appeared to ease the strain on the running game, which while still not good, was much better than in weeks past.

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