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Jaguars are a top 5 'most trusted' team by agents

Player agent, Jack Bechta, held a poll and listed the Jaguars as one of the top five most trusted teams among the agent community.


The Jaguars are one of the five franchises trusted most by player agents, according to a poll taken by current agent, Jack Bechta, who represents current Jaguars tight end Allen Reisner and quarterback Ricky Stanzi, among other NFL clients.

Bechta, a veteran agent that wrote on National Football Post that he polled the agent community to ask which teams were trusted the most when it came to five categories:

Fairness in contract negotiations
Open, honest and direct communication about clients
Injury settlements
Medical care and the business decisions that go along with it
The development of young players

The Jaguars were listed, along with the Packers, Seahawks, Giants and Vikings, as one of the top five teams that excelled in those categories. Bechta went on to explain:

Jacksonville Jaguars -- Despite their current struggles, agents know where they and their clients stand with this team. The owner is going to be patient during the rebuilding process and the decision makers are not panicking and are looking towards building for the long term. The brass is always responsive and quick to give you honest feedback on your clients.

While ultimately, being a team that agents trust isn't going to do much for the franchise's success, it's a nice thing to have in your back pocket. Free agents will go wherever they've received the best offer, but any tiebreaker you can have over a team is nice to own. Things like this are particularly helpful when trying to convince undrafted rookie free agents to sign with your team rather than another.

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