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Delanie Walker calls Titans loss to Jaguars 'disgusting'

The Jaguars picked up their first win of the season over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, leaving Titans tight end Delanie Walker "disgusted and embarrassed".

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars defeated the Tennessee Titans on Sunday 29-27, their first victory of the season. While there was much celebration and relief from Jaguars fans, some Titans players were upset at the loss, even disgusted by it.

"We just got whooped by the Jaguars,"-Titans TE Delanie Walker

"It's disgusting. I'm disappointed. I'm embarrassed. A team that's 0-8 comes in here and beats us? Beats us on our home field, that's 0-8, the Jaguars? Come on," Titans tight end Delanie Walker told the media after Sunday's game.

Most teams likely view the Jaguars as an easy game, which isn't surprising considering they've been uncompetitive in the majority of their first eight losses, but clearly Walker seems to indicate that the Titans looked past the Jaguars to their Thursday Night Football match up with the Indianapolis Colts.

"Talking about first place? Talking about first place? We just got whooped by the Jaguars," Walker continued. "We ain't talking first place no more. It's out the window. We've got to come back and play the Colts. I don't know how everybody's gonna handle it. I mean, we lost to the Jaguars."

The Jaguars have now beaten the Titans in two of their last three meetings, including picking up their second win last season at EverBank Field. No only are the Titans 2-1 against the Jaguars in the last three meetings, but they also gave the Indianapolis Colts their first win back in 2012.

It's kind of become a thing for them.

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