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Chad Henne leads the NFL in batted passes

Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne leads the NFL in a stat, but it's not a good one.

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The Jacksonville Jaguars don't rank highly in many, if any, offensive categories so far in the 2013 season. There is one stat that Chad Henne is tied for the lead league with, however. He's tied with what many would consider a good quarterback in Andy Dalton too.

What's the stat?

Passes batted at the line of scrimmage.

After the Jaguars win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday I decided to try to find out how often he has a pass batted at the line, because it sure seems like it happens quite a bit, especially later in the game. According to Pro Football Focus, Henne has had 10 passes batted at the line of scrimmage this season.

While that doesn't seem like a lot, you have to factor in the fact that Henne only has 241 pass attempts on the season. The guy he's tied with has 383 attempts. This means that Henne has a pass batted roughly every 24 passes. That's about one per game, given he attempts an average of 30 passes per game, which means four percent of his passes are batted at the line.

People have wondered if Henne actually had it happen more often, because it seemed to be so frequent, and he does. It likely stems from the fact that he has a tendency to pick a guy and lock on to him, often staring down the receiver which clues the defensive lineman to which throwing lane he's planning on using, then it's just a matter of timing the throw. It's likely why they seem to happen later in the game.

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