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Will Blackmon 'predicted' he'd get a fumble and win before the game

Prior to Sunday's game against the Tennessee Titans, Jaguars corner Will Blackmon wrote down that he'd force a fumble and get Gus Bradley his first win. He put the piece of paper in his sock and made both happen.

Frederick Breedon

Jacksonville Jaguars defensive back Will Blackmon had one of the best plays on Sunday, a strip-sack of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick that he recovered and ran back for a touchdown. Not only did he get the sack, strip, recovery AND touchdown, but it also sealed the Jaguars first victory of the season.

Blackmon didn't start for the Jaguars in Sunday's game against the Titans, as rookie Dwayne Gratz made his way back in the starting lineup, but Blackmon is familiar with playing in the slot and was ready for whatever the coaching staff needed him to do.

"I was ready for it," Blackmon said after the game. "I love being in the slot-in the nickel and blitzing, that's something I believe I do well at, so I was happy to make that play."


Not only was Blackmon ready to play the position and in the packages, but he kinda-sorta predicted that he'd not only force a fumble, but get Gus Bradley his first win as an NFL head coach.

"It was cool. I wrote that on a little piece of paper-I said, ‘Get a game ball for Gus.' It was one of my goals today, and it was really cool," Blackmon told reporters after the game, as he pulled a piece of paper out of his sock to show them. "I'll show you one of the other goals on the paper, ‘I will have one caused fumble'-see it right there."

There you have it.


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