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Carson Palmer takes shots at Jaguars attendance

Carson Palmer is worried about how much energy there will be in the Jaguars stadium, because that's something a professional football player should be concerned with.

Christian Petersen

Sometimes NFL players make comments to the media that wind up coming back to bite them. The dreaded and often overhyped "bulletin board" material. Arizona Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer made that mistake this week during his session with the Jacksonville media, but it was more taking a shot at Jacksonville Jaguars fans than anything else.

"We know this is going to be an interesting atmosphere. It's not going to be a sold-out stadium," Palmer said to the media, via the Associated Press' Mark Long. "It's going to be a little bit of a different energy and we've got to be prepared for that & just be ready to play football."

You should be plenty prepared, Carson. You play in Arizona, who has ranked behind the Jaguars in attendance the past four or five seasons and sits dead even with them for the 2013 season, despite playing in two more home games.

Oh yeah, you also played with the Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders in your career, two more teams who've ranked behind the Jaguars in the past few years.

Maybe if Palmer stopped worrying about what the opposing team's crowd was going to be like he could stop throwing, on average, 1.67 interceptions a game.

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