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Cardinals vs. Jaguars 2013: Second half game thread

Chad Henne's playing well and the Jaguars are scoring touchdowns at home. Say what?

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Another week and another game where the Jaguars look like a competitive football team. After driving the field for touchdowns on the first two drives of the game, the Jaguars took an early lead, but a late touchdown just before halftime left the teams tied at 14-14.

Leading the way for the Jaguars was an efficient first half for quarterback Chad Henne, who completed 13-of-15 passes for 139 yards, including a 62-yard touchdown to tight end Danny Noble that gave the team an early, 7-0, lead. Henne distributed his passes to nine different receivers, primarily targeting his tight ends for 94 of his passing yardage.

On defense, the Jaguars shut down the rushing attack of the Cardinals, keeping the combination of Andre Ellington and Rashard Mendenhall to eight yards on 12 carries. Instead it was Carson Palmer that led the team with 16-of-25 passes for 209 yards and a 14-yard touchdown pass to Larry Fitzgerald.

The Cardinals will be the recipients of kickoff in the second half.

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