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Cardinals vs. Jaguars results: Gus Bradley, players talk after the game

Here is what some of the Jaguars players and coaches had to say after Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Scott Cunningham
Chad Henne on throwing downfield:

"It was tough, (Cardinals CB) Patrick Peterson is a great corner and we knew we were going to have some problems with him. (WR) Cecil (Shorts III) I thought on some of those one-on-one routes did some really good things with it. They were playing a high safety and their guys up front are good pass rushers. We wanted to get the ball out quick, get it out on time and I think we definitely accomplished some of that stuff."

Maurice Jones-Drew on starting fast after last week's win:

"Right off the bat we tried to run the ball and they stuffed the run pretty good. I know we went for it on third and two and they stuffed us and coach was talking about being bold. It’s pretty bold to go for it on fourth and two on your own 36 yard line. We made a play and we want to continue to build off those things. I feel like we got better today, but there are still some things we need to improve on in order to be a consistent offense that moves the ball up and down the field and scores points.

Brad Meester on playing like they have nothing to lose:

"It’s not really about playing like you have nothing to lose; it’s about playing to get better. We’re going to step up and take chances. Maybe they don’t always work out, but we’re going to take those risk. We’re not going to sit around and just let things happen."

Russell Allen on the fast start:

"I think it’s obvious that we are making progress. Unfortunately, the scoreboard didn’t reflect that today but the way our run defense played and the way we started out the game and our special teams are really doing a nice job right now so it’s just a matter of us getting all three phases rolling at the same time and being able to sustain that throughout the game."

Sen'Derrick Marks on the defensive effort:

"I think we had a great day stopping the run; Russell (Allen) stepped in and took over for us and he got everybody under control and we had a great day getting everybody lined up and we didn’t miss a beat so I think we played good. Unfortunately, we gave up a couple plays that hurt us."

Gus Bradley on keeping momentum:

"I’m going to tell you I felt like we went down there and we scored right away. I was hoping the defense would come out right away too and share that and then they went down and scored. We missed a couple of opportunities on third down that I thought we were trying to get that four man rush and play coverage but it just felt like we weren’t quite getting there. Looking back at it we talked about it and I credit Bob (Babich) he looked at it and said let’s get more aggressive. We don’t want him sitting back there and have that much time. We quickly changed thoughts, but right away it would have been nice to get a couple of those third down stops. I think that would even help momentum more."

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