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Jaguars run defense steps up, can it last?

The Jaguars held the Cardinals to the second lowest rushing output in the Jaguars franchise history, but can the rush defense hold up down the stretch?

Scott Cunningham

The Jacksonville Jaguars held the Arizona Cardinals to just 14 rushing yards in Sunday's loss, marking the second fewest rushing yards allowed in franchise history. This marks two weeks in a row now since the bye that the Jaguars have shut down the opponents run game, but is it something they can build on going forward?

"Defensively, we were able to stop the run, or control the run I should say again for the second week. Those are all really, really good signs," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley told the media in his Monday press conference.

Despite being without linebacker Paul Posluszny, the Jaguars saw good play from their linebackers and a good day from rookie Jonathan Cyprien in run support. Defensive tackle Roy Miller was able finally to piece together a consistent day stopping the run.

"We talk about celebrating those victories, that was really a good sign. I think with (Cardinals RB Andre) Ellington we went into the game, we felt like they were trying to get him going in the games that we watched on tape, Bradley added. "We made a conscious effort to not let him get going in our game. It was cool that we did that with him as far as the running game, out in space, some of the mismatches they used, we felt like we did a good job of taking those things away."

Earlier in the season the Jaguars run defense was solid early on, but then would wain later in the game. The past two weeks however it's held stout.

Now if only they could rush the passer.

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