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Which Browns players would Jaguars fans want?

Which player on the Cleveland Browns would Jacksonville Jaguars like to pluck and have on their team?

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Each week we take a look at the team the Jacksonville Jaguars are facing off against and think about a player we'd like to pluck from their roster. With the Cleveland Browns, it's actually quite difficult to choose. I waffled back and forth between a handful of players both on offense and defense.

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Center Alex Mack would be an easy choice, because of the struggles in the interior of the offensive line. Someone like Josh Gordon would make a lot of sense too, as a play making threat opposite Cecil Shorts. Heck, you could even pick someone like Barkevious Mingo, who a lot of people thought the Jaguars might draft at No. 2 overall.

For me however, it came down to two players on the defensive side of the ball, Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard. Taylor is a massive load in the middle of the defensive line, but he's a bit more disruptive than most nosetackles are. He'd be a nice fit in the Jaguars defensive scheme.

Ultimately I came away picking defensive end/linebacker Jabaal Sheard, though. He's still young and he's been a consistent pass rushing threat for a few seasons. He also fits that mold a bit of the LEO-end that the Jaguars use, as well as grading out well both against the run and rushing the passer this season.

Who would you pick?