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Cowboys vs. Jaguars London Series: Jacksonville hosts Week 10

The Jaguars will host their second London game on November 9, 2014 in Week 10 against the Dallas Cowboys.

Jamie McDonald

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The Jacksonville Jaguars agreed to host four home games in London over the course of four seasons, knocking the first one out this season. The next game for the Jaguars in London will be in 2014 and we knew it would be against the Dallas Cowboys.

We now know the date.

The NFL has announced ticket sales for the set of London games next season, and the Jaguars will take on the Cowboys during Week 10 in 2014, on Sunday Nov. 9. This means that the Jaguars bye week will likely be the following week once again, giving them a bye during the near mid-point in the season, which is always favorable.

The London series for next season are as follows: