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What changes will Jaguars make after the bye week?

As the Jaguars head into Titans week, what changes will they make after the bye week going forward?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars appeared to be a bad team looking to turn the corner in their loss to the Denver Broncos, but in reality it appeared as if the close game led the Jaguars astray, both players and coaches.

What does that mean?

It gave the Jaguars a false impression of where they were. The team played out of their minds, so to speak, against the Broncos and kept the game close. It seems now, after three weeks of hindsight, it made the Jaguars think they were further along than they really were.

In head coach Gus Bradley's Monday press conference, he mentioned that they needed to get back to what they were doing previously, as the rush defense and some other areas wained significantly after the loss to the Broncos. In my opinion, it seems the coaching staff thought they were further along and simply added too many ingredients to the pot.

Bradley talked once again about making things simple, and it's possible they just added too much to a young team too quickly after the Broncos game. With now two weeks to self evaluate and prepare for the Tennessee Titans, it makes me wonder if we'll see more from the defense like we saw much of the first half, rather than the past two games.

But then again, there's only so much you can do with the talent you have.

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