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Jaguars London trip could bring jobs to Jacksonville

The Jaguars recently trip to London not only expanded the football team's footprint, but apparently could also spark some job creation in the city of Jacksonville.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When the Jacksonville Jaguars made the agreement to play four home games in London for the NFL's international series, it was naturally met with some worry and skepticism from Jacksonville fans. Quickly however, Jaguars owner Shad Khan explained that it was an opportunity to not only grow the Jaguars fan base, but also develop the city of Jacksonville.

The first trip to London might have already started that process, as the Jacksonville Business Journal reports that nearly 500 jobs could be created in the next sixth months from two companies.

"The Jaguars elevated the stage, giving us a window we otherwise wouldn't have had," JaxUSA president Jerry Mallot told the Business Journal, who also noted that the city came back with six or seven leads for potential incoming business to the city, not including the two companies reportedly who could open jobs in Jacksonville.

Not all of the companies the city has a lead on are even foreign, as Mallot told the Business Journal that one of the companies is U.S. based and their president just happened to be in London during the events.

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