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Birthday Tribute

I wanted to take a minute and recognize the United States Marine Corps on its birthday weekend. The Marine Corps was established on 10 November 1775 and will celebrate her birthday this weekend. All over the globe, Marines will gather, put on their dress blues, share a beer and even more stories.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

This is my first Marine Corps Birthday since I retired from the Marine Corps late last year. It's very bitter sweet. I enjoy growing my beard, drinking even more beer, and having an immeasurable amount of time with my children. No more late days. No more deployments. No more early mornings. But the brotherhood is everlasting.

It makes me so happy and proud to see my Jaguar nieces and nephews make the trip to Nashville this weekend. Living life and taking full advantage of freedoms in BBQ and games is the greatest tribute to those who are still serving. Some will bring up sad sack reminders about how there is still servicemen over seas, while true, no one in those spots wants you to focus on them. Instead, enjoy yourself. Maybe take a minute longer to gaze at the flag flying high when you drive by one. Maybe stand to your feet when the National Anthem is playing on TV this weekend. Maybe shake the hand of a veteran in their trucker hat that proudly displays the campaign they fought in.

If you have time, watch the following video. Think about how beautiful the oath of enlistment is. Look at the faces of the warriors in the video. Be happy. Be thankful. Be free. Semper Fi.

2013 Marine Corps Birthday Message: "Enduring Fortitude, Unfailing Valor" HIGH DEF (via DevilDog)