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Which Bills player would you take on the Jaguars?

If you could pick a player on the Buffalo Bills roster to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars, who would you pick?

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Each week we take a look at the Jacksonville Jaguars opponents roster and think of a player we'd like to steal away and put on the Jags roster. Some weeks it's difficult with multiple players to choose from and some weeks there is an obvious answer.

Buffalo Rumblings

With the Buffalo Bills, I think there's quite a few players you could choose from that would fit right in. I posed the question on Twitter and unsurprisingly the most common answer I got was running back CJ Spiller, who I agree would be a great addition, but given his injury history he wasn't who I chose. Then again, I tend to try to pick the not obvious guy.

This go-round I went with defensive lineman Marcell Dareus, who's having a pretty damn good year so far for the Bills. Despite their record, the Buffalo Bills are having a nice season defensively, especially rushing the passer. Dareus, who doesn't really play a traditional pass rushing role on the Bills already has eight sacks on the season, with 26 quarterback pressures according to Pro Football Focus.

Not only has Dareus been disruptive in getting to the quarterback, but he's also been a beast against the run this season. He could fit right in on the Jaguars defensive line playing all over the place, be it at the five-technique, the one, or the three. He's a three-down player you can move all around.

Who would you choose?