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Bills vs. Jaguars post game comments from Gus Bradley, players

Read what Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley and Jaguars players had to say following their loss to the Bills.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports
Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley on the game overall:

"I thought overall looking at the game it was a game of missed opportunities. We had some opportunities in the game to capture and we didn’t play like we’re capable of playing whether it was a fumble, interception, things like that that took place. I think in the locker room our hearts are broken right now because of this but I felt like our spirit is not. I think with a challenge in the second half was to come out and compete like we’re capable of competing; we posed that challenge to our guys. We felt like we were doing some things, the effort was good but the competitive spirit that we’re used to being around felt like it wasn’t quite the level we needed. The second half I did feel it. A guy like Jordan Todman really stepped up and we had some guys step up. We had some unique opportunities and guys did well. We knew guys were going to get some opportunities for the first time. Kerry Taylor playing, Todman and a guy like Jacques (McClendon) we were pleased with them. We will take a look at film but overall to get thrust into that situation like a guy like Jacques is pretty good, so we’ll continue to evaluate and I think we will learn from this. Our team will, without a doubt, capture everything on tape, show it to our players and we’ve got to get better through this."

Chad Henne on if he thought the Jaguars gave the game away:

"Absolutely. There were too many opportunities. The turnovers obviously. We were down there in the redzone and a fumble and an interception, at the end there. We hurt ourselves. But you have to give them credit; they did a good job on defense. They had a little more on offense."

Uche Nwaneri on if he expected Jordan Todman's performance:

"Yeah, I kind of saw it coming. The guy’s got great speed, and he’s a young player who’s learning the game. He’s obviously learning it from one of the best, and he’s trying to emulate some of the things he does. It was good to see (Todman) out there running the ball. We didn’t miss a beat."

Jordan Todman on being an NFL starter:

"I feel like this has been my dream to one day be a starter. I’ve been putting in the work through preseason and throughout the season. You feel more comfortable with yourself and see what you can showcase. You kind of say that the sky is the limit and you try not to give yourself a set goal and let the chips fall as the go."

Geno Hayes on defensive miscues:

"That’s things we can build on, but at the same time, we know that those guys were good, but the things we gave them were about us missing tackles and assignments. Things of that nature, that’s something you have to get fixed and I know we’ll get them fixed."