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Gus Bradley supports toss play on goal line call

One of the biggest criticisms in Sunday's loss to the Bills was the Jaguars play calling in the redzone, but head coach Gus Bradley supported the one most people focus on.

Sam Greenwood

One of the biggest criticism in Sunday's 27-20 loss to the Buffalo Bills naturally was offensive play calling, because everyone is an expert after a play has failed. One call in particular that most people have complained about was a toss play to running back Jordan Todman in the redzone.

Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley supports the call however, and explained on Monday that it was just a lack of execution.

"There was some execution that could have been better," Bradley told the media during his press conference on Monday. "For whatever reason, Uche (Nwaneri) got off the ball late. He would have had a chance to get around there and get a block. Will (Ta'ufo'ou) tried to cut and if he had it over again, he would have stayed high. If we execute it right, it's a good play."

The Jaguars were pretty successful on the day running the ball with Jordan Todman, who was filling in for an injured Maurice Jones-Drew. Todman however is not really a back you slam off center on the goal line, he's more a speed to the edge type player, which is exactly why the Jaguars attacked the edge with a toss play.

What really made this play sting however, is the fact that Chad Henne was picked off immediately following it.