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NFL Mock Draft 2014: Jaguars pass on a QB

In the latest NFL Mock Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars stay patient at the quarterback position.


The Jacksonville Jaguars currently sit with the third overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, which puts them in a bit of a tough spot given what they need. Most people consider Louisville's Teddy Bridgewater to be the best quarterback in the class, but there have been reports that he's considering going back to school and this latest mock draft from Mocking the Draft has Bridgewater going to the Houston Texans, first overall.

So if he's gone, where does that leave the Jaguars?

That's the big question. While Bridgewater isn't necessarily the consensus No. 1 quarterback, the consensus No. 2 quarterback is significantly more muddled depending on who you talk to.

In his latest mock, Matthew Fairburn thinks that Dave Caldwell stays patient and doesn't panic to pick the next quarterback off the board.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jadeveon Clowney, Defensive End, South Carolina

Dave Caldwell gutted the Jaguars roster prior to the 2013 season, and the results were painful early on. An 0-8 start with an inexperienced roster had the Jaguars looking like the favorites to land the top pick in the draft. But Gus Bradley has managed to turn things around and has the team improving every week. The only downside to that is the Jaguars have played themselves out of position to land Teddy Bridgewater. Some will suggest Derek Carr or Blake Bortles here given the Jaguars huge need at quarterback. However, Caldwell has shown patience with the quarterback position and may be too tempted to draft the best available player.

Fairburn (who's also a Jaguars fan and BCC contributor) makes a solid point in Caldwell showing patience. We all know my opinion on the quarterback position, if you think a guy can be "the guy" you draft him, no matter where it is. If Caldwell doesn't view the quarterbacks after Bridgewater as "franchise" worthy, then there's no reason to force the pick.

What do you think?