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2014 NFL Draft: Bowl prospects 12/28 (Pinstripe, Belk, Russell Athletic, Buffalo Wild Wings)

Take a look at the top prospects playing in bowl games on Saturday.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

For many players, the bowl season is the final chance to show NFL scouts what they have on the field before months of interviews and workouts in shorts. For fans, it's the last chance to take a look at the prospects that will make up the majority of the 2014 NFL Draft.

On Saturday, there are four bowl games: The Pinstripe, Belk, Russell Athletic and Buffalo Wild Wing Bowls. Here are the prospects that should be paid the most attention:

Pinstripe Bowl - Notre Dame vs. Rutgers, 12 p.m.

Player Pos. Height Weight Proj. via
ND Stephon Tuitt* DE 6-6 312 1st
ND Zack Martin G 6-4 308 1st-2nd
RUT Brandon Coleman* WR 6-5 220 3rd
ND Prince Shembo OLB 6-1 258 4th-5th
ND T.J. Jones WR 6-0 195 6th
ND Bennett Jackson CB 6-0 195 6th-7th
RUT Antwan Lowery G 6-4 310 7th-FA

Belk Bowl - Cincinnati vs. North Carolina, 3:20 p.m.

Player Pos. Height Weight Proj. via
UNC Eric Ebron* TE 6-4 245 1st
UNC James Hurst OT 6-6 305 2nd-3rd
UNC Kareem Martin DE 6-5 265 3rd
UNC Tre Boston S 6-0 205 6th-7th
UNC Jabari Price CB 5-11 200 7th
CIN Greg Blair LB 6-1 252 7th-FA

Russell Athletic Bowl - Louisville vs. Miami, 6:45 p.m.

Player Pos. Height Weight Proj. via
LOU Teddy Bridgewater* QB 6-3 205 1st
MIA Denzel Perryman* LB 6-0 240 3rd
LOU DeVante Parker* WR 6-2 209 4th
MIA Seantrel Henderson OT 6-7 345 4th-5th
LOU Marcus Smith DE 6-3 252 5th-6th
MIA Brandon Linder G 6-6 319 5th-6th
LOU Hakeem Smith S 6-1 180 6th
MIA Stephen Morris QB 6-2 218 6th-7th
MIA Pat O'Donnell P 6-4 220 7th
LOU Preston Brown LB 6-2 260 7th-FA

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl - Kansas State vs. Michigan, 10:15 p.m.

Player Pos. Height Weight Proj. via
MICH Taylor Lewan OT 6-7 315 1st
KSU Ty Zimmerman S 6-1 204 3rd-4th
MICH Jeremy Gallon WR 5-8 184 5th-6th
MICH Michael Schofield OT 6-6 304 6th-7th
KSU Cornelius Lucas OT 6-8 328 7th-FA

* Junior
** Draft-eligible sophomore

There are many prospects worth spending your Saturday on, but the eyes of NFL Draft fans will certainly be fixed on Teddy Bridgewater. The junior passer of the Louisville Cardinals is considered the odds-on favorite to be the first quarterback off the board in the 2014 NFL Draft and if there's one thing that Draft fans like to do, it's argue about quarterbacks.

For the Jaguars, Bridgewater might be just out of reach despite their 4-11 record. The 2-13 Houston Texans have clinched their draft position ahead of the Jaguars and certainly have a need at the quarterback position, so a top five pick might not be enough to secure the right to select Bridgewater.

Still, prospects like North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron, Notre Dame defensive lineman Stephon Tuitt and Notre Dame guard Zack Martin are all players that could be targeted by the Jaguars in the event that they are available in the second round, or if the Jaguars somehow acquire a late first-round selection.