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NFL Draft 2014: Jaguars to evaluate QBs 'right away'

The Jacksonville Jaguars season comes to a close on Sunday, which means they'll begin evaluating college quarterbacks for the NFL Draft immediately.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars will undoubtedly be look at quarterbacks during the 2014 NFL offseason, mostly at players in the college ranks. Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch told the Florida Times-Union he hasn't watched any college quarterbacks yet, but as soon as the season ended he'd get to work.

"As soon as the season ends," Fisch told Ryan O'Halloran. "Right away."

"I'll start with just game tapes and then after game tapes, I'll look at [cut-up] tapes so it will be more along the lines of - I'll look at their third downs, their red zone, their two-minute drives and then I'll look at all their sacks and the play that followed the sack to see how they handled it and then their broken plays," Fisch added. "

What happened when it wasn't easy?"

The Jaguars are in prime position to pick a quarterback in the draft, if they so choose, as they're expected to end up with the third overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, barring a miracle win on the road against the Indianapolis Colts. The class this year as opposed to last season is viewed as deep, but "deep" doesn't mean the same at quarterback as it does at other positions.

Regardless, the Jaguars will likely be picking a quarterback in the Top 40 picks this year and will possibly have a very close look at a lot of the top guys, especially if they end up coaching at the Senior Bowl.