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NFL Power Rankings: Jaguars hold firm at the bottom

Despite another win, the Jaguars don't move at all in the latest SB Nation power rankings.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We haven't been keeping track of the NFL power rankings much at Big Cat Country, because well... it's depressing. The Jaguars for the most part been the worst team in the NFL through half the season. Over the past four weeks however, they've gone 3-1 and seem to be showing signs of life.

Despite all that, and picking up their second win in a row, the Jaguars hold firm in the SB Nation Power Rankings this week at No. 31.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars

Break up the Jags! Winners of three of their last four, Jacksonville has suddenly started providing a reasonable facsimile of an NFL team. The Jags' young secondary turned in another credible showing, while Chad Henne took advantage of short fields and played largely mistake-free ball. It was a testament to how similar Teams 13-32 are in the modern NFL outside of extraordinary circumstances like quitting on your coach or employing Brandon Weeden at QB. (Last Week: 31)

I think you could make a case for them a few spots higher on the list and if they can pull out another win on Thursday Night Football against the Houston Texans, they could climb quite a few spots.