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Texans vs. Jaguars post game comments from Gus Bradley, players

Read what Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley and Jaguars players had to say following their third straight win.

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports
Gus Bradley on the team gaining confidence:

"I think our guys are transferring over to where they’re using external things that motivate them to where it’s becoming more internally. I can see that happening to them and I think when you get motivated more internally you gain more confidence, and I think situations like the Cleveland game to make the drive like we did, this game, even the last four or five games we’ve had some different situations come up in the game; that two minute drive, or we have to go on offense or defense is on, whatever the case it helps. We talked a couple weeks ago about it validates what we’re doing. It really is a credit to our players for what they’ve gone through and to stick to it and have some results go their way, it’s pretty cool."

Ace Sanders on what's changed since the beginning of the season:

"We’re in a completely new stage or rebuilding process and with that it comes time, it would have been special if we could have jump started the season like this but sometimes it takes time; we’ve got the people in here that are willing to wait it out, keep battling and keeping their heads up and like I said it’s starting to pay off."

Jonathan Cyprien on if the switch at QB for Houston changed this:

"It definitely did, they put him (Matt Schuab) in at the end of the game and he started to get kind of hot we didn’t prepare too much for him but he came out there and put the ball in his playmakers hands, he did a great job and I give him all the praise."

Dwayne Gratz on the defense starting to make plays:

"It goes and to hand with the coverage and the rush; we call it rush and cover but when they get to the Quarterback it makes it harder for him to sit back there and pick us apart but it goes hand to hand when they rush we’re making plays and when they attack the Quarterback they getting sacks so that’s a good thing."

Chad Henne on if he coached Ace Sanders on his passing play:

"No, all week he’s been doing a really good job and I asked him, ‘Are you patting the ball back there and waiting for the pass or what?’ He made a heck of a throw and (Jordan) Todman made a heck of a catch. It was a great situation to call that play. We call it ‘Gamecock’ for Ace because he played at South Carolina."

Maurice Jones-Drew on getting a home win:

"It is exciting. It sucks to win on the road and not be able to do it here at home. One of the things we have been harping on this week was to go out there and not make it too big, but understand the importance of it. The guys made some big plays. We had guys step up. We just want to continue to win at home and make this a home field advantage and get the crowd into it so people have tough times like we have when we’re away."