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Percy Harvin trade rumors: Jaguars a possible destination?

Andy King

The Minnesota Vikings appear as if they're preparing to trade wide receiver Percy Harvin during the offseason, according to multiple reports. Harvin, who was drafted in the first round by the Vikings in the 2009 NFL Draft, has been one of the Vikings best play makers outside of running back Adrian Peterson.

It appears the Vikings are going to just ship Harvin off, amongst reports of a blowup with head coach Leslie Frazier last season, which led to the receiver to be placed on injured reserve. During his four years in the NFL Harvin has been a headache for defensive coordinators and his own team. He's dealt with migraine and dehydration issues, as well as being trouble some for the current and past Vikings coaching staff, including dating back to his college days with the Florida Gators. He's blown up on the sideline during games, as well.

Christopher Gates of SB Nation's Vikings blog Daily Norseman has a good write up of the totality of the Harvin situation, including his feelings on if Harvin should be dealt or not.

According to, the Vikings are looking for just a second or third round pick in return for the troubled but talented wide receiver, but is that something the rebuilding Jaguars should pursue?

Personally, I would say no, it isn't. While Harvin is a very good player on the field, I'm not sure he's worth the cost and headache he would bring to the table. Now, if the Jaguars were close to making a run to the Super Bowl, my answer would probably change. The Jaguars are in the beginning of a rebuild however, and giving up a mid-level draft pick for a player who's going to be looking for a brand new contract after the 2013 season, especially a player who's got some off the field issues, isn't the way to go about it.

Now, I wouldn't be upset if David Caldwell ultimately decided to make the move, but I'm inclined to think it's not going to happen.