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The offseason force, we have.

We are out here minupulating the force like you read about. Doing hand stands for days.

With Cecil Shorts, MJD, Bambi Legs Lewis, the core of skill players are set. I dont believe that the Jaguars will be placing much stock into the available quarterbacks. I have resigned myself to skipping over Geno. Even if Geno is there, I dont think that we should take him. Im not about that Geno life. Free agency, on the cheap hopefully, should give us the chance to sure up our offensive line. Ive been watching a lot of film and am prepared to finally give my recommendation on who we should add.

At Quarterback, we should be looking for a stop gap should Blaine appear to be what he has been the last two years. While older and a ton of miles on him, we should look at Han Solo. While slightly older than who we would want to lead us into the future, Han is out there leading. He wont crumble in the pocket like some other Jedi quarterbacks that we know.



At Right Tackle, we should sign Joba the Hut. Although he previously played for the Titans, Joba has the nasty streak that you want in a Right Tackle. His arms are short for the position but his weight makes him difficult to move off the line. He might not be ideal for the new zone blocking scheme but I believe that he has the girth to provide a good plug forrunning sweeps to the Left side. Review_jabba_1_medium


With the 2nd pick, I believe that we should draft Ezekiel Ansah. There has been plenty written about the Ansah. He's tenacious and raw. He could be molded like clay. I have exclusive footage of Ansah and Coach Gus Bradley at the Senior Bowl. They spent one on one time going over notes and talking about how their first year together could go. You can see it here first.

Perhaps the biggest need of the Jaguars, if we are to keep Blaine as the starter, is fixing his mental state. A quarterback cannot be successful while being mentally weak. We need to have a special assistant to the quarterback coach. Someone that stays with Blaine. Someone that teaches him that he must believe in himself and focus. Someone who isnt willing to let him fall by the wayside. Someone that knows he has potential. After all, he was chosen for a reason. He was chosen for us. He was chosen to lead us to where we have never gone before. Even though the task is difficult, we can accomplish our goals. This coach, this leader, nay this master, must be someone who has done it for a long time. 800 years is a long time, right? Bill Walsh isnt who I am talking about. Welcome to the Jaguars, Master Yoda: Specical Assistant to the Quarterback Coach. "No more check down throws you will." 323272-yoda1_medium