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Seven roles for seven Jaguars

Hyundai wants to know which players would take on important roles if the Jaguars were to find their way to Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014.

Rick Stewart

If the Jaguars were to make a Super Bowl run in 2013, it would certainly come as a surprise as they are the least likely to do so, according to bettors. For them to do so, many players would have to step up their game and Hyundai wants to know who they would be. They provided seven categories and asked which Jaguars would fill those roles:

Enforcer - Maurice Jones-Drew: Absent for the majority of the 2012 season, the Jaguars were missing one of their biggest playmakers, but also one of their most physical threats. Very few players are better at making four yards out of one and driving opposing defenses than the 5-7 bowling ball.

Brain - Blaine Gabbert: If the Jaguars are in Super Bowl XLVIII, it's probably safe to say that things went very right for them at the quarterback position. The most likely scenario will be Gabbert and while he certainly has the intelligence for the position, he hasn't been able to put together a strong season. To make a run in 2013, Gabbert will need to show that intelligence as he leads the Jaguars pass game.

Technician - Eugene Monroe: Perhaps not much of an unsung hero anymore, Monroe as emerged as one of the better left tackles in the NFL. If he can continue to improve, he could be an elite technician on the blind-side and help keep quarterbacks consistently clean.

Loose cannon - Justin Blackmon: While the loose cannon tag is usually applied to a player off the field and Blackmon may even fit that bill following an offseason arrest shortly after he was draft, it's a tag that can be applied on the field as well. It can be applied to a player that has the ability to explode for big plays and have huge say, 236 yards against the Texans?

Motivator - Paul Posluszny: While he's not quite the Pro Bowl-level linebacker that many believe he is, Posluszny is the middle of the Jacksonville defense and wasted little time becoming a captain and leader of the group. If I wasn't just picking players, though, I might nominate Gus Bradley for the role.

Prankster - Austen Lane: I'm not in the locker room, practices, film room and team meetings, but I am on Twitter and if that's any indication, Lane is one of the funnier guys in the NFL, let alone the Jaguars. It would be kind of surprising to me if that personality didn't translate to the locker room.

Muscle - Uche Nwaneri: For about a decade, the answer would've been fullback Greg Jones without a hesitation, but with Jones as an impending free agent, I'll instead turn to Nwaneri, the starting right guard for the team. The full-time starter for five years, Nwaneri has proven to be a reliable starter for the team and prides himself on nastiness.