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Jacksonville Jaguars news roundup

Jaguars' new QB coach sees promise in Blaine Gabbert |

Frank Scelfo, the new quarterback coach of the Jaguars, has one of the toughest jobs in pro football this year. Scelfo’s assignment is to develop Blaine Gabbert into a NFL-caliber quarterback after he struggled in his first two years with the Jaguars. Scelfo, though, doesn’t see the same Gabbert the fans have watched the last two years. “I look at it differently than you guys,’’ he said. “You all have an opinion formed after two years of watching [him]. I don’t have an opinion yet. I don’t have a vision of him that is skewed one way or the other.

Jaguars had fourth-highest payroll in 2012, but record didn't follow |

The Jaguars didn’t get much bang for their buck in 2012, but owner Shad Khan showed he’s willing to spend big money on his player payroll. The Jaguars had the fourth highest payroll in the league in 2012 at $140 million while finishing 2-14 according to figures compiled by ESPN. New Orleans had the top payroll at $167 million, Tampa Bay was second at $158.2 million and Buffalo was third at $143.9 million. Like the Jaguars, those teams all missed the playoffs although New Orleans was dealing with the fallout from Bountygate.

A clean slate

These days, Gus Bradley is about positives and competition. Little surprise, then, that when the Jaguars’ new head coach and several members of the coaching staff met with the media Tuesday, conversation around Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbertwas tightly within that context. Gabbert will face plenty of competition this offseason. But he absolutely has plenty of positives. “I know they (Jaguars coaches) are excited about some things they’ve seen on tape,” Bradley said of Gabbert during a brief meeting with the media Tuesday afternoon at EverBank Field.