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Jaguars LEO: Jason Babin can play the role, for now

The Jaguars will be looking for more LEO-type pass rushers.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Under the new Jacksonville Jaguars defensive scheme, they'll be utilizing a defensive end position called a LEO, which is basically a smaller, quicker defensive end who's job is solely to get into the backfield. On the current roster, the Jaguars have one starting LEO, but he's a bit on the older side in Jason Babin.

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"I think we've got one," Jaguars defensive line coach Todd Wash told reporters on Tuesday. "Now, we'll see if we can find another two."

Babin is an undersized rush end who's really only been successful in a wide-9 style defense, which means he would line up as the 9-technique, which is wide and outside the shoulder of the offensive tackle. It gives him a clear running angle advantage over the tackle who has to kick slide to block him or risk lunging and over-extending. For quicker guys like Babin, it more often than not lends them to getting to the quarterback.

"It's no different than what he was doing in Philly," Wash said of Babin in the LEO role. "He's got the skill set to still do it."

The LEO position in the Jaguars new defensive scheme will do exactly that, so Babin is a natural temporary fit in that role. While some, including myself, think Babin is a cap cut candidate it still makes sense to keep him on the roster for now.