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Just Stop Already

Once of the worst parts about football is the incessant need to draft or sign more players. It's nauseating. It really comes from a lack of understanding the basic tenets of the game. Let me let you in on a little secret. The players of football simply dont matter. It's all coaching.


Draft people crack me up. "Who is going number one?" "Man, did you see so and so? He really pins his ears back and gets after it." Screw that. It's all, as the French say, "Gobbledygook." We didn't win last year because of Mularkey. We didn't win before that because of Del Rio. We didn't win before that because Coughlin was plotting, or scheming, his way to New York. Is MJD great? Yes. Did he lead the league in rushing? Yes. Is Cecil Shorts great? Yes. Did he make the Tedy Brusch All NFL team? Yes. So, we clearly have all the players that we need. We didn't have the coach to put those studs in the right position to win. All the Mels, Todds, and Alfie's of the world can throw around that a "LEO" is what we need. What the hell is a LEO? Why does it matter what astrological sign a player is? That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard. We dont need a 5 tech, 3 tech, 2 tech or pie tech player. We have the players! We need the plays! Shakespeare didnt write players, my friends. He wrote plays.