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Circling The Wagon: Jaguars

With the new leadership have the Jaguars finally entered new territory? Is there anything left to 'circle the wagon'?


The term circling the wagon has been applied to many things over the years, namely the Jaguars playoff hopes. It essentially means that it's almost over. Perhaps you've perennially heard the term around week....3.

Jaguars fans, we're approaching the period in time where the fans won't have to defend the team from the constant negativity circling the franchise. You won't have to set a certain hat down (not out of fear) but for the simple refreshment of not having to enter into an argument. You won't have to make a big smile and announce that "Yes, I root for THAT team.... " followed by any tweet Uncle Chaps McNealy ever posted. Now, it will be positive. Perhaps not entirely positive but at the least my expectations hang around the "proportionally positive" area.

The culture is amidst change. The perception, both with informed fans and non-informed fans, is also amidst change. The biggest change, however, is us. We will notice it sometime over the next year and a half to two year. Our mentality's will not need to be as defensive in common conversations. We won't need to be angry, and most importantly--we won't need to fire everyone in our minds every single time something bad goes wrong, which brings me to my point.

Fixing any team, much less the Jaguars, requires time. It is a fact, time heals all wounds and time fixes franchises. For some teams, the amount of time is shorter than others (Compare the colts to the lions) and for others it takes decades--the Saints. Regardless, it's a time proven fact that time eventually fixes franchises.

For the Jaguars, time brought us a new owner who brought a new GM. The two then conspired and brought the most energetic coach I've ever seen in my life. Things are looking up in J-Ville. Now, time will eventually bring a more talented roster. It will happen, I'm sure of it.

The weird thing is that we don't have to second guess everything. Now, I'm not preaching to be a blind sheep--that would waste all of our football knowledge. But here is what's new: Do you have the feeling that you really COULDN"T do better than the guys in charge? Think about it.

That's time.