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Caldwell Making Huge Errors

There is patience and then there is downright irresponsibility. I understand that when the Caldwell regime was brought on board that they spoke of a "process" that needed to take place. Well, it was been a few months now and not much has happened.


Sure, one could say that they hired an entirely new front office and coaching staff in the past view weeks but how long does that really take? A day? Maybe two? As soon as Gene Smith was fired I put out a list of four candidates to replace him within a nanosecond. I was ready with a fist full of names when the head coach was replaced as well. Which brings me to my point, why haven't we already submitted who we are going to draft to the NFL? If I understand the rules correctly, we can submit our picks whenever we want. They are our picks. It is sort of like auto-draft in fantasy football, I believe. By not submitting our picks now, we are wasting time. We could have our draft already submitted and work on free agency. If we are to be successful as a franchise, we cant keep showing so much hesitance. We need to submit our draft picks and then sign as many big named free agents as possible. Plaxico and TO are just out there waiting and we haven't even made them an offer. Status quo, I guess. Shake things up. Stop just waiting on the draft. Go ahead and draft and then focus on the real way you build a winner, free agency.