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The Jaguars Should Sign Tim Tebow For A Front Office Position

It's Tebow Time in the Jaguars Front Office. Tim Tebow is a Jacksonville Institution and should be treated as such.


In a sad turn of events, it does not seem like Tim Tebow will ever be an NFL quarterback. It is truly ridiculous that so many teams have not given Tebow a chance to thrive and win at the highest level. It seems that the so-called 'talent gurus' of the NFL do not see what the general American public sees in Tebow: A Winner. That being said, Tebow will probably have to suffer the indignity of playing in the frozen wasteland that is Canada or forced to change his position to eke out a living playing in the NFL. However, we here at Big Cat Country have thought of another way Tim Tebow could serve in the NFL while serving his hometown community at the same time.

Tim Tebow in the Jacksonville Jaguars Front Office. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that Tim Tebow has intangibles that are not measurable. That's why they are called intangibles. We have seen those intangibles manifest themselves on the football field. Surely those on-field talents can translate in the boardroom.

A Family, Youth, and Community Sciences major from Florida that graduated with a 3.77(!!!!!)GPA, Tebow surely has the tools to build a rapport between the Jaguars and the Jacksonville community. Also, as a former NFL player himself, Tebow will surely have what it takes to assist Dave Caldwell in talent evaluation. Regardless of his position, Tim Tebow will help put butts in seats in Jacksonville and get those tarps off. C'mon, Jaguars, give Tim a chance!