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What happened to basic decorum?

Professionalism is dead here at BCC.


I tell you. When I began reading the Big Cat Country two years ago, I found myself among serious Jaguars fans discussing serious topics regarding our beloved team.

Nowadays, it's all jokes about the male member and innuendo that'll make the papacy shutter. This town is founded on the principles that Tim Tebow embodies. By the way some people on this site treat it like their own personal 6th grade homeroom class, I would highly doubt Tim Tebow would even bother to consider Jacksonville as his home any longer.

We are not setting a good example for the younger generation. It is time that we take back our team and our site from these hooligans.

When River City Rage ran this site, it was professional and people's opinions were valued. None of this GIF making and cock talking from perverts with an IP address. NO. NONE.

I thought this site was FOR fans BY fans, not for HOOLIGANS by HOOLIGANS. Clowns ran this site into the ground. We need to put the fan back in this site!

I propose we establish a set of rules to ensure that there's some semblance of decorum on BCC..

1) Abolish the Spanish Commentary Section. How does this add value? It's garbage. I come here for insight, not to be fooled into believing some guy actually went to Jack Del Rio's house to clean.
2) Establish a standards and content board that reviews all opinion pieces and fan posts before they are posted. This board will also set guidelines on which articles are deemed front page worthy.
3) Limit Alfie's editorial influence. Alfie here to blame for this whole mess. To severely limit his input on content will held in bring the credibility back to BCC.
4) Ban profanity and terms relating to reproductive organs. Reproductive organ jokes have no place in sports blogging. If a story the legitimately involves the male reproductive organ, the standards board must review the story for prudency and tact prior to publication.

With these simple steps, we can put the fan back into "for FANS, by FANS."