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Jaguars can be competitive quickly, says David Caldwell

The Jaguars are coming off just seven wins in the past two seasons.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will begin the process of overturning their roster as we inch closer to free agency and the NFL Draft. Many don't expect the Jaguars to be active in free agency in the sense of going after high priced players, but they will likely be active in the second tier level of players.

"We have work to do, but if we get a good draft class in here, we feel like we can be competitive quickly," Jaguars general manager David Caldwell told on Thursday. Caldwell has spent the last few weeks evaluating the Jaguars current roster and has seemed to indicate there is a better core of players in Jacksonville than he originally anticipated.

The definition of competitive here is kind of open, in my opinion. The Jaguars went 5-11 in 2011, but were certainly much more "competitive" than the 2012 season, in which the Jaguars finished 2-14. Adding a few key pieces can certainly make it so the Jaguars can keep games closer next season, but the key is winning the games.